MS Project - complete guide through the tool for efficient planning and control

This is a course forseen for all project managers that want to know more on the most popular tool for planning and project management - MS Project. During three day education we will go through all critical components in the tool from the project initiation and planning to project execution tracking. We will use real project examples and work directly in the MS Project tool in our digital classroom.

MS Project - all righst reserved by Microsoft Corporation

Training information

  • Duration: 3 days, 24 live classroom hours
  • Required skills: ability to use standard MS Office products, understanding of key project management methodology
  • Training target: initiate, develop, plan and track projects using MS Project
  • Training language: English / Croatian

Training content

Key topics that will be addressed during the training are:

  • Creating and saving projects
  • Setting up calendars
  • Creating individual and recurring tasks
  • Linking and timing tasks
  • Assigning tasks to resources
  • Viewing your data differently with sorting, grouping, and filtering
  • Fine-tuning the project schedule
  • Understanding baseline, schedule, and actual values
  • Reporting on the project status
  • Sharing projects
  • Recalculating duration, work, and units for assignment changes
  • Adding, removing, and replacing resources
  • Defining part-time resources
  • Setting cost rates
  • Accounting for overtime costs
  • Working with earned value
  • Exchanging data with other programs
  • Customizing fields and reports
  • Sharing customizations
  • Sharing resources and linking tasks between projects

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