Custom made PM workhops

You have a specific business challenge in Project management area? You keep having the same challenges in your projects? You are investing in education of your employees but you cannot make that needed step forward in your projects? Maybe you need custom tailored education workshops to solve your issues!

What do we do?

 First step in solving a challenge is understanding of the root cause for unacceptable results. Our methodology is based on three key steps:

  1. Step - analysis of current state, current challenges and workshop preparation
  2. Step - workshop execution and making recommendations for future
  3. Step - tracking future results and improvements
3 Steps

How do we do it?

 Through our unique 3 Step methodology each workshop is directed to solving a specific business challenge through combination of consulting and education.

1. Step

In the first step, through series of interviews, we are trying to understand, from different perspectives, the key challenges that your business faces in projects. In line with interviews we also review your existing documentation and methodology, and if necessary, we can jointly manage one of your internal projects. By reviewing your processes, methodology and teams we compile a series of recommendations and workshops to address the found challenges. While preparing the workshops we also prepare measurable key performance indicators to track efficiency and results from our workshops.

2. Step

In the second step we will execute the workshops with your project teams. The target for the workshops is educational-consulting process and change of your existing habits to ensure better future results. Final result of workshops is a series of recommendations for your company in area of project management.

3. Step

Through defined recommendations and measurable key performance indicators we will measure the success of implemented measures and seek further potential improvements for your organization.

Why would you need it?

 If you have specific challenges and you need to make a quick step forward then this educational-consulting service is tailored for you! Through combination of consulting and directed education you can achieve best results for you and your team. Each workshop is focused exclusively to your challenges and it represents a unique product customized just for your company and your team.

Contact us!

 If you have additional questions, you would like to get more information or you would like a live meeting, feel free to contact us on the following link.