Project management implementation services

Do you want to efficiently manage your projects? Do you, at all times, want to understand the status of a single project to be able to know whether to invest in it further? Do you want your organization and your employees to learn from their projects and to continuously increase quality on future projects? Allow Ingressus Viridis to prepare a development roadmap for Project Management for your organization! That will enable you and your company to easily achieve future goals through your projects.

Project management implementation services

If you want your organization to sucessfully manage projects then, according to your business needs, you need to implement a repeatable methodology and structure for project management. The deployment of methodology is not a one-time effort but a continuous development cycle during the lifetime of your organization.

Key steps to implement project management (agile or classic) are:

  1. Assessment of the current state and business needs within the organization
  2. Development of roadmap and methodlogy for the organization
  3. Implementation of the methodlogy, processes and tools; education of employees
  4. Implementation of continuous improvement in project management

PM Metodologija

Development of methodology for project management

Ingressus Viridis will develop a methodology and processes for project management which are in line with the business need, size and complexity of your organization. It is important to implement a correct level of detail for processes and underlying tools  and templates to allow proper level of business information without choking the project team with unecessary documentation. During implementation we will take into account your existing processes as much as possible into the new methodology for project management. During definition of your PM methodology our consultants will use our proprietary templates, tools and processes from our product portfolio which will greatly shorten time needed to achieve the final result.

Why should I choose this service?

If you want to run successful projects which are aligned with your company business goals contact us for help. Our experience, knowledge and tools will help you to be more successful in your projects.

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