PMO implementation, operation and improvement services

Is your organization considering an implementation of processes and organizational structure to improve your project and program management capabilities? Is there a PMO in your organization that is constantly facing challenges? Would you like to implement a PMO but you want to do it right from the first try? If answer to any of these questions is "Yes!" or if you just want to have more information on our PMO services, you have come to the right place.

What is Project Management Office (PMO)?

Project Management Office (PMO) is a branch or a department within an organization which is tasked to define, improve and manage project management methodology and standard within the organization. Main goal of PMO is to standardize project and program management within the organization through continuous learning, methodization and tracking of project success.

There are three key PMO types, depending on the maturity of PMO within the organization:

  • Supportive PMO - provides templates, guidelines and best practices to project managers within the organization. This type of PMO is good for organizations where projects are done successfully in a loosely controlled manner and where additional control is deemed unnecessary.
  • Controlling PMO - in organizations where there is a desire to "rein in" the activities, processes, procedures, documentation, and more - a controlling PMO can accomplish that. Not only does the organization provide support, but it also requires that the support be used.
  • Directing PMO - This type goes beyond control and actually "takes over" the projects by providing the project management experience and resources to manage the project. As organisations undertake projects, professional project managers from the PMO are assigned to the projects. Project Managers are part of PMO and have a direct reporting line to the PMO Lead

PMO Officer

PMO Implementation services

If you want to improve your project and program management capabilities through PMO implementation, then you should take into account the following five critical goals:

  1. Implement a common methodology
  2. Standardize project and program terminology
  3. Introduce effective repeatable project management processes
  4. Provide common supporting tools
  5. Improve, on all levels, project success within the organization

Our PMO Implementation methodology is based on four key steps that are repeated continuously through PMO Lifecycle:

  1. Asses the current state
  2. Understand the business need of the organization and create a development path for PMO
  3. Implement the PMO based on listed guidelines
  4. Prepare the organization for continuous improvement of PMO

PMO Implemenation Cycle

PMO Consulting Services

Is your PMO achieving the yearly targets? Do you sometimes feel that your PMO implementation will never advance enough to support the business needs of your company? Would you like to implement a PMO but you do not have enough time nor internal knowledge to support the PMO? On all of these questions we can provide an answer and a right direction!

PMO Outsourcing

PMO outsourcing is designed for customers which would like to get all the values of a good PMO but currently don't have the internal capacity to implement or run a PMO. Ingressus Viridis can offer you a PMO expert and a PMO team that can take over your PMO and, based on the initial assessment, will develop and steer your PMO in the needed direction on your behalf. Together with the expert, within the service, we will also bring our methodology, tools and processes to ease up management and to achieve results as soon as possible.

Improving existing PMOs

If your PMO needs a bit of a push forward then this service is the one for you. Our methodology is based on a Business Driven PMO standards and it will help you to align your PMO with your business goals. Together with our consulting services and methodological frame we will also help you to internally transition to new processes and tools through additional education of your resources.

Why should I choose this service?

If you want to have a successful PMO which is aligned with your company business goals contact us for help. Our experience, knowledge and tools will help you to be more successful in your projects and programs.

If you have any questions, specific PMO problems or any other inquiries do not hesitate to contact us over our contact mail address: